Political Academy 2022

Political Academy 2023

From 20-27 of May, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung organized its Political Academy 2022 in which 24 young participants from all over Kosovo took part. During an intensive week, the participants of the Political Academy had the opportunity to discuss various social, political, and economic topics. This year's program started with a discussion with Arber Zaimi on the model of the society in which we want to live, to then continue with numerous discussions on the welfare state, the just society, the model of democracy and the electoral system in Kosovo, regional cooperation, security and Euro-Atlantic integration, gender equality, socio-ecological transformation, as well as reforms in the economy for sustainable economic development and well-being for all. This year we had the pleasure of having lecturers, panelists and guests from various fields during the Academy program, including Mr. Armend Mehaj, Minister of Defense, Mr. Frans Schram, international negotiation expert, Mr. Visar Ymeri, Director of the "Musine Kokallari" Institute , Mr. Anton Vukpalaj, university lecturer, Mr. Albert Krasniqi, expert of electoral systems, Mr. Edison Jakurti, researcher and lecturer in economics, Mr. Artan Mustafa, lecturer and expert in social policies, Mr. Rinor Hoxha, MSA expert, Mr. Shpend Kursani, university lecturer, Ms. Leonora Kryeziur, Executive Director of Prishtina Institute for Political Studies, Mr. Ardiana Gashi, university lecturer, Mr. Andrii Kryshtal , researcher in the field of peace and security, Mr. Ramadan Ilazi, researcher in the field of security, as well as Mr. Dragan Minowski, university lecturer and Besfort Kosova, from the Balkan Green Foundation.


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