An article about political developments in Kosova by Country Director -Frank Hantke

Things are coming to light

With his provoked dismissal, Veliu heralded the end of the government coalition. He needed to know that the prime minister had to dismiss him because he had publicly opposed government policies. It is immediately clear that he did not develop this on his own when one considers the LDK's “coalition policy” since the elections in October. Because the face of the LDK has changed - literally - from October 5th to October 7th. Until October 6, it was Vjosa Osmani who campaigned for a new policy on all posters, and thus also for her party. This made her very successful and - after Albin Kurti - received the most votes from the voters. These apparently believed in the promises and future ideas of Vjosa Osmani as a credible partner of a Kurti / Osmani government, but hardly had in mind that there is obviously a strong party establishment in the LDK that wants anything but real changes in Kosovo. As a result, many voters voted for a party that immediately removed the poster of Vjosa Osmani as a figurehead for a new policy after the elections. In the LDK came those who certainly would never have received such approval from the population themselves (their vote results show that!). The whole thing could now be called an electoral fraud!

But who are the traitors and their helpers?

Anyone who saw the steep fall of Vjosa Osmani in her party immediately after the elections can hardly believe that she would have given herself to such a fraud. Apparently, she believed she knew her party behind her in new ways. Now she has to understand that this was far from the case. "Gray Eminences" from the old, often corrupt, political elites have immediately seized power in the party and their nominal party leader will follow them as long as he gets the presidency in 2021. And smiling, Thaci and Veseli clap their hands in the background, as their plan with the “hidden cronies” in the LDK was fully achieved. Thaci has also done everything he could to continue to split Kosovo and keep the government under pressure. With his approval of the US "deal plans", he is still in a very comfortable situation. He is America's “friend”, the America that the elected government is openly blackmailing to get the deal through. In addition, Thaci can be sure that the EU will hardly intervene, weak and divided, as it has been in Kosovo for years. All those in the so-called West who have been making cheap speeches in the fight against corruption and organized crime in Kosovo for years and years are now on the sidelines when it comes to supporting the newly elected Prime Minister by all means in his credible fight against corruption. Kosovo's citizens should think carefully about who their real friends are at home and abroad.

Showing their true colors

The fact that there is a big disappointment in the country can be clearly felt even with the Corona standstill. Unfortunately, disappointments in Kosovo no longer lead resistance and open expression for change, the rule of law, etc. People have been disappointed too often or have been duped by false promises. Too often - as they say – they fought and lost.

The hope that arose with Kurti's election as Prime Minister has now faded from many. Also among the many voters who voted for Vjosa Osmani as a credible coalition partner for Kurti. There is still a majority of people for aiming for a new way, for a policy of economic and social development and against the ever deeper felt and the corruption of the "old power elites". This majority now has to speak out publicly.

But the betrayed head figure of the LDK, Vjosa Osmani, should now publicly show what she actually stood for in the election campaign. She certainly did not represent the LDK's disintegration policy, which began immediately after the elections, when, contrary to its own expectations, the LDK “only” came second behind the LVV. She did not stand for political intrigues, but for a new and clean way of Kosovar politics. Therefore, she should now be the first to cheer up her many disappointed voters. With a clear commitment, she would have to leave her party, which she had abominably abused. Many would certainly follow her.

The Kurti government has gained a lot of approval both domestically and abroad in a short period of responsibility. This also the case with many international partners. It would be fatal for the country if, after just a few weeks, those who were responsible for Kosovo's desolate situation could rub their hands - even if they should see themselves as friends of the current US administration. The EU must not again stand there as a powerless and contentious spectator. It will also soon have to show greater unity and determination on issues related to the Balkans. Even if the EU still believes in its values. 


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