Education and Economic Development

Economic and social policy, which is future-oriented, social and democratic

Democracy needs economic development and sustainability to the same degree as justice and opportunities for all citizens, all based on a secure social context. This determines the following topics of our work with partners:

Education policy is economic policy. Education policy is at the core of a foresighted economic policy. A future-oriented basic education and a variety of further paths of higher education are needed. The labor market needs both academic and non-academic competencies to the same extent.

Investment for today and tomorrow. The ability to work in a team and to take responsibility will have to be a fundamental part of education, just like entrepreneurship. This is the basis for revitalizing old economic branches and for creating new ones.

A real labor market through good training. Unemployment is closely linked to the current education system. Highly trained workers in industrial or craft professions are urgently needed. But there is a lack of people with the necessary training. Labor market and education policy are two sites of the same coin.

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