Democracy and Political Dialogue

"Democracy needs Democrats" (Friedrich Ebert)

As a political foundation, we follow the values of social democracy. Our aim is a democratic welfare state. We can and we want to reach this aim only together with our partners in Kosovo.

Active citizenship and strong civil society. We want to activate and to motivate people and their civil society organizations. This is the basis for civil society to become an active partner in political, economic and societal decision-making processes.

Enabled young leaders. Democracy must come bottom-up. Democratic awareness, the willingness and ability for democracy need to stem from and to be developed in political parties, trade unions and special interest groups. Especially young people want to be involved in this process.

Latest News and Events

14.11.2023 | Event

On November 14th, 2023, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) in cooperation with Democracy for Development (D4D) hosted a discussion on Russian Influence in…


23.10.2023 | Event

The training initiative served as a valuable platform for the Labor Inspectorate, allowing its inspectors to delve into pivotal subjects concerning…


| Event

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung was honored to support a significant panel discussion on Breast Cancer Awareness in Kosova, marking the commencement of the…


07.05.2023 | Event

02.02.2023 | Event

22.12.2022 | Event

22.10.2022 | Event

Women Peace Security Forum


22.10.2022 | Event

29.09.2022 | Event

20.05.2022 | Event


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