Wednesday, 19.07.2017 - Prishtina

Human Security challenges in Kosovo – Launch of study

FES Prishtina in cooperation with the Centre for Research Documentation and Publication (CRDP) has launched a new study: Human Security Challenges in Kosovo - Political Instability in Kosovo and Implications for the Human Security of the People.

Photo: FES Kosovo

Kosovo has been facing many challenges as a country and as a people. One of the crucial reasons for such challenges has been the governments‘ chronic inability to function in a stable manner within the mandate earned, as to provide for enough time for handover from previous government, an initial phase of understanding where the systems are being challenged in meeting the needs of the population, and then having enough time to actually deliver efficient solutions. Sadly, this has not been the case in Kosovo, since 2010, and arguably even earlier.

Therefore, it is safe to say that political instability has been the potential breeding ground for an overall lack of institutional memory, continuity and progress, and therefore a breeding ground for a deteriorated state of human security and societal security which ultimately threatens the national security and weakens the state, contributing to a fragile state. With the study we want to shed light on the livelihood challenges and basic human security issues, Kosovar population faces and foster a discussion about urgent need for reforms to move towards a social welfare state in Kosovo.


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