Joint discussion: Implementing the labor law

23.04.2019, ICK Prishtine

With 43% the youth unemployment in Kosovo is the highest of the region. The young Kosovars are insecure about the economy and education in their country. On Tuesday, April 23 the joint discussion organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the National Youth Congress dealt with the implementation of the labor law considering the perspective of the youth.

The Youth Study Kosovo shows that about 70% of the young Kosovars prefer having a job in the public sector because of the higher security it can provide. In comparison, employees of the private sector often face not having a regularly wage, the rights of the workers are not being supported and even a high number of employees work without having a contract. The chief inspector of labor Basri Ibrahimi stated that in the last year about 700 workers were not having a contract. He appealed for a higher activism of every citizen to raise the awareness of the people and not even expecting jobs without a contract.

The president of the American Chamber of Commerce Arian Zeka affirmed that most companies of the private sector in Kosovo do not respect the labor law and the rights of the workers but prioritize the profit they are making. He recommended as well to start a change of awareness of every citizen to then challenge the problems of the labor market.

With an active and organized civil society which is heard by the government and in cooperation with the state, Kosovo can tackle the difficulties of the youth regarding the labor market.


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