Workshop with the Youth: "Prioritizing of Youth Issues in Education and Decision-making in 7 Municipalities in Kosovo".

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), Office in Prishtina in cooperation with the Lipjan Youth Center and within the series of activities from the National Youth Congress, organized a workshop about Education and Decision-making, held from 29 -31 March 2019, in Prizren.


The workshop lasted for three days and with the participation of the representatives from Youth Centers, Local Youth Action Councils - LYAC, Youth Assemblies and Youth Organizations, together with 7 Municipal Youth Officers from the 7 regions of Kosovo. The youth that participated in this workshop were from following municipalities: Mitrovica, Malisheva, Kamenica, Klina, Suhareka, Shtime and Obiliq.

The discussion and working sessions were organized in groups and were related to the recommendations adopted by the National Youth Congress of Kosovo in the area of education and decision-making in the respective municipalities. The aim of these discussions was to share issues and challenges that the youth are facing, and with the purpose of finding best forms for addressing of these issues in local institutions.  

This was also an opportunity for the youth of these municipalities to get to know each other and be more voiced for the addressing of their relevant requests in municipal institutions. With the knowledge acquired and experiences shared, the youth will be able to increase their capacities for inclusion in the decision-making by using the appropriate instruments and mechanisms for representation and the addressing of the problems from the two areas mentioned above.

The findings from this workshop shall be presented and addressed to these municipalities in a form of a leaflet containing recommendations from the information sessions pertinent to these two areas and the mentioned municipalities.



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