2nd National Congress – Kosovo We Want!

Social Security – Economic Development – Decent Work and Life

Kosovo We Want is a platform for cooperation and coordination of the activities of the civil society organizations, citizens and different public interest groups around a common concept for the increase of the welfare and of a decent life of citizens through quality and inclusive education, modern public healthcare system, sustainable development and good governance.

The aim of the second congress held on May 23rd, 2019 was  to present the results of our work, one-year after. We wanted to hear comments and questions from citizens, NGO-s, politicians and we wanted more people and organizations to join the platform. Together we are stronger and better in pressuring the politicians to do a better job in people's real interests.

The moto of the platform is:


A relationship between citizens and policy makers should be developed and it should be one which is based on respect and trust – from both sides. Citizens of any state have the right for basic support in many aspects of life like education, social security, legal frameworks etc. But they also have duties towards their state. Taxes and other contributions to solidarity systems are the only way to realize their rights in a proper way.

The citizens want to stand up and fight for better solutions and new perspectives in a country which still is affected with unemployment, lack of social care, nondemocratic and corrupt structures and – consequently – increasing emigration and brain drain. Citizens want not only to demand what they are entitled to, but they also want to offer their ideas, their support and co-responsibility by contributing to policies that are more focused on citizens' needs and based on common sense for the future.

The citizens sense their country as their house – and therefore they want to keep and maintain it as well as their own house. In the First National Congress of citizens there were defined five areas of political efforts, which have to be in focus – linked with each other, involved in multiplex relations.

Livestream video link: https://www.facebook.com/FESPrishtina/videos/376874046257226/?t=0 


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