Fifth Youth Summer Camp on “Social Democratic Perspectives – Young People in South East Europe”

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More than fifty young people from the region took active participation in this year’s Youth Summer Camp on the topic of “Social Democratic Perspectives – Young people in SEE”. Organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the camp took place in Durres, Albania between the 20 and 24 of June 2018.



During the camp, young, progressive and socially engaged people from all over the region had an opportunity to exchange their experiences, ideas and perspectives and to engage in a dialogue on multiple topics of relevance for the joint social democratic values. Among others, they discussed the significance of inter-cultural communication, challenges to the processes of democratisation in the region, the influence and role of young progressive people in the society, as well as the EU integration processes.


This and many other topics related to the perspectives and challenges for the countries in the region were discussed by participants together with Frank Morawietz (French-German Youth Office), Frank Hantke (FES Office in Pristina), Shpati Kolgega (Deputy-Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Albania), Dorian Jono (Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Marin Barleti, Tirana) as well as other experts, politicians and representatives of the academic community in Albania and beyond. Nine young people from Kosovo took part in this Camp.


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