How do the political parties approach voters?

During the period June- July, the civil society platform Kosovo We Want in Mitrovica, have developed a cycle of debates on topic: “How the political parties approach voters”

where guest speakers were:

Nazan Kerrveshi – Director of Municipal Department for Social Welfare, VV;

Nexhat Qubreli – Member of Municipal Assembly, AKR

Vesa Broja – Member of Municipal Assembly, PDK

Safet Kamberi – Head of Municipal Assembly, LDK

These debates have been attended by youth, students, civil society activists, and members of political parties with high interest.

During this debate there were few questions addressed by the participants which were answered by the guest speakers as fallowing:

Some of the questions addressed by participants and answered by guest speakers have been as follows:

  • What is the role of the Municipal Assembly on addressing citizen’s needs and concerns in Mitrovica?
  • How do the political parties maintain relations with citizens?
  • How do they address concerns of citizens on their political programs?
  • How much do they stick to their program when it comes to lead with institutions?
  • Based on their perception, which are the problems that need to be urgently solved?
  • Which is the level of democratization in political parties?

- Representation of citizens in local institutions is not at its best level is said by guest speakers of these debates. Representatives of PDK, LDK which are also members of the Municipal Assembly in Mitrovica emphasized that when you are on the opposite side in institutions you always find reasons to criticize but the truth is that the local government is not doing its best. 

- From all these four debates with representatives of different political parties, we can summarize that all of them agree that when it comes to Mitrovica, the main problems remain to be in the field of economic development, education culture, and sport. This situation is most clearly represented by the fact that the biggest number of social assistance beneficiaries in the country level is from Kosovo.

- Some of the successes in which is found consensus by all political parties are mentioned to be: New regulation for providing scholarships for students is approved; Statute of the Municipality, Municipal tax for businesses is removed (abolished).   

- Although when it comes to the challenges on implementing policies foreseen by different strategies and action plans have been emphasized that there is often a lack of will and the main problem when it comes to budget these policies (ex. Gender Equality Strategy and Action Plan but not only) and division of responsibilities and role of each department to implement one respective policy.

- Due to the pandemic situation with Covid-19, meetings, and pre-election preparation for the local level are postponed to be started in September if everything goes well with the management of the pandemic situation.

- Guest speakers, the representatives of respective political parties each of them stated that democracy and debate in their political parties are developed and it provides opportunities for them to think outside the box and other citizens who have and share the same political persuasion and willingness to join them.   

- When it comes to citizens as voters, they consider that citizen’s awareness and demands are increased and therefore they consider that citizen’s vote will bring changes in new upcoming elections.


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