Kosovo We Want- Congress Report!

The following document contains a summary of the ideas and feedback that were discussed in the launching event of the “Kosovo we want” platform, including the work carried out during the breakout sessions in the thinking rooms on five key areas, organized on 23.05.2018.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in cooperation with its partners – MDA (Management Development Associates), Riinvest College and Institute, IKS (Kosovo Stability Initiative), Heimerer College, GAP and Democracy + has hosted the first national congress of its kind with the tittle “The Kosovo We Want” on May 23.

More than 200 participants, coming from across dierent fields and perspectives, representing more than 100 civil society organizations, parties, Trade unions, experts and media, gathered from various parts of Kosovo to share their views, ideas and wishes for a dierent Kosovo they all want.

Kosovo citizens wish to have a voice and suggest ideas on how we can work together in addressing the main problems Kosovo society is facing such as: social security, economic development and employment as well as decent work and life conditions.


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