Wednesday, 23.05.2018 - Wednesday, 23.05.2018 - Emerald Hotel

National Congress - The Kosovo We Want!

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On May 23rd, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) hosted the First National Congress “The Kosovo We Want”.

Invited were all civil-society organisations, unions as well as social oriented parties and politicians. About 200 hundred representatives of national and local civil-society-organisations, unions and parties participated.

The main subject of the congress was the languishing economic and social development of Kosovo and how to make changes possible for a better future of the country. This first National Congress was only the first common step toward focusing on the main needs of nearly all Kosovars: how to develop an economy which is sustainable, competitive in the region and brings more and better workplaces; how to get even the minimum standards for social security and a decent life. In working groups, all participants described the first guidelines for a common program which could be estimated as a “governing program” for another policy in the country. This was deepened in working groups which developed first guidelines on a mutual basis to get only “one voice” for and of the citizens. Further on, the congress started to develop a roadmap to enforce this program, which includes actively each participating organisation, each union or party on its place, but with a common aim and voice.

The program will give answers on how to get:

Ø A health care system for all citizens – affordable and efficient

Ø A modern education system – related to the labor market and economic development

Ø A decent standard of social security for all citizens - in accordance with EU-standards

Ø A sustainable economic development – built by skills and entrepreneurship

Ø A democratic frame for effective and inclusive participation of citizens on national and local levels.

The process of development will be continued in the upcoming months. Results will be published – activities will be experienced.

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