Wednesday, 23.05.2018 - Wednesday, 23.05.2018 - Hotel Emerald


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Social Security – Economic Development – Decent Work and Life

Consultation Event organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Prishtina (FES), in partnership with our local partners. It is an initial step to start a joint national platform for all Kosovars who aspire to be the democratic force for positive changes in the country. 

This platform aims to work actively and develop policies that ensure what every citizen in Kosovo wants:  human rightseconomic development, social security and inclusion, better living conditions, education and secure jobs in a healthy environment.

The current living conditions of Kosovo citizens, the weak education, welfare and health system and the readiness of youngsters to seek a better future out of Kosovo, are a sufficient argument for the time to start this national and comprehensive initiative. FES Kosovo aims to give support to such a platform, as a process of political civic activism, aiming to develop policies from the social and democratic approach.

Therefore, we invite all, citizens and politicians, experts, academics, organizations who are willing to speak with one voice and create one common strategy through actively working on solving the main problems of the citizens.

We believe that Kosovo citizens need:

·                     A health care system for all citizens – affordable and efficient

·                     A modern education system – related to the labor market and economic development

·                     A decent set of standards for social security - in accordance with EU-standards

·                     A sustainable economic development – built by skills and entrepreneurship – based on the demands of the regional and European markets

·                     A democratic frame for effective and inclusive participation of citizens on national and local levels – fostering policies that address citizens’ needs

 Together, we will assemble all our experiences, information and expertise. We will develop a road map, step by step, for ensuring better living conditions in Kosovo. We will become active for The Kosovo We Want.


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