Public consultations on Municipal Acts consider Citizens as Stakeholders in the Local Decision-making

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) in cooperation with the German Foundation Friedrich Ebert (FES) held a three-day workshop with the topic, “The Process of Public Consultations on the Municipal Acts”. The aim of the workshop is the introduction to the regulations for the public consultations on municipal public acts. The participants to this workshop were the municipal information officers and the representatives from the civil society organizations.  

The problem faced by the municipal officers was the low interest for participation in public hearings and therefore it was requested for finding a more suitable way for the increase of the number of citizens in such meetings. At the same time, the municipal officers welcomed the cooperation offered by the civil society for the mobilization of the community, by facilitation of the process for the identification of their needs.

During the workshop, a discussion was held on the Administrative Instruction for Public Consultations at the Local level. Bigger inclusion of citizens in the public consultations means that the citizens should be stake-holders in drafting of the public policies at the local level. However, new forms need to be sought for the mobilization of the community on this aspect from the citizens, but with the emphasis that this should be the main goal of the relations between the municipality and the citizens.

In order for the public consultations at the local level to be as most effective, the municipality has to initially publish the time and the venue of the meeting, as well as the purpose of the meeting and thus ensure that recommendations coming from the citizens are taken into consideration. The municipality, has to also have in mind the time of the consultations which has to be most suitable, thus enabling for those that are interested to participate to have access to it.

The common conclusion was that more attention should be given to the creation of such mechanisms that would ensure for the implementation of the Administrative Instruction, so that the document becomes functional and with this also reach to an enhanced level of public consultations.

Also, the cooperation offered by KLGI was welcomed and appreciated because it facilitates the process of the identification of their needs.

This activity was organized with the support from the German Foundation Friedrich Ebert (FES).



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