Strategic planning workshop for National Youth Congress 2020

This year the Strategic planning workshop for the National Youth Congress 2020 was held in Prevalla, Prizren from dates 21st to 24th of November, 2019. During these four days a group of 25 youngsters from different youth organizations with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Prishtina Office got together to reflect over the last National Youth Congress and develop new ideas and priority youth activities for 2020. With their positive energy, great and inspirational ideas, youth empowerment and critical thinking, these youngsters achieved to develop a well completed plan for the upcoming events of year 2020. 

Different from previous years, this year, six young women form UN Youth Volunteers- United Nations Development Programm, were part of the workshop. Their presence and ideas were very welcoming from all participants.

First day was characterized with an overall reflection from all participants from the past Congress which was held in September 2019. During these reflections, it was discussed about the event organizing, main themes of the congress, completed activities, what should have been done differently or in a better way, and how these achievements could have been more visible. To further continue with the second day, the main theme of which had to do with basic concepts of strategic planning and objectives. As a result, participants had the chance to critically analyze and build up the basic strategies for future events based on four priority fields of the Congress: Education, Social and Cultural Life, Employment, and Participation and Decision Making. Firstly, the idea of forming a leading structure of Congress was brought up as a crucial need for a better functioning of Congress. Therefore, a framework of this structure was created where the persons in charge of each of the four priority fields of the congress were decided. Other than these groups, this structure involves the coordinator, and a person who will be responsible for Public Relations as well. Divided in four main groups and not only, participants developed their key objectives and activities for upcoming year. These objectives and activities were based in Kosovo youth basic needs in their community, starting from a better educational system, more employability chances, raising awareness for the importance of social and culture life, and the importance of youth inclusion in decision making, especially when it comes to decisions related with dividing youth budged, or developing laws and legal strategies related to youth.

Another important topic that was discussed during these four days was also the fact of the open invitation for other organizations to join these initiatives as well. Part of 1st and 2nd Congress have been more than 200 representatives of youth organizations and centers, student unions and representatives of local and international institutions. This year we are aiming to further increase our cooperation with other non-governmental organization and relevant institutions.

In conclusion this four-day workshop resulted in development of a Congress leading structure, division of responsible individuals for each of priority fields, and development of a strategic plan of targeting objectives, and activities that will be organized during the year of 2020. Of course, as every year these activities will be crowned with the main event of National Youth Congress which will be held in May or June 2020.    


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