The Second National Congress “The Kosovo We Want” on May 23, 2019


We are pleased to invite you to our second congress “The Kosovo We Want” on May 23, 2019.

The event is jointly organized by “Kosovo We Want” members -

with the support by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – Prishtina-Office (FES).


The platform initiated last year served as an initial step to organize a joint national platform,

which aspires to be the force for positive change in the country.

The platform aimed to encourage civil society organizations and citizens, experts,

politicians and institutions to commit an active work for ensuring that the human rights for social security and inclusion,

for economic development, providing better living conditions and jobs in a healthy environment in Kosovo,

finally, after so long time that they were marginalized.


On the 1st National Congress in May 23rd, 2018, we jointly identified together the problems,

prioritized them and continued to organize the joint activities to address these issues. Beyond that, the groups developed

cornerstones of a comprehensive program as a vision for the Kosovo We Want that came as a result of open discussion between

active citizens, experts and responsive politicians who are interested to address peoples' needs. We assembled our experiences,

information and expertise and managed to develop a model of a road map, towards a Kosovo we all would want soon.


We wish to present you the results of our work, one-year after. We want to hear your comments and questions.

And we want you to join the platform in the capacity as an individual or as representing an organization.

Together we are stronger and better in pressuring the politicians to do a better job in people's real interests,

which is missing for 20 years.


Please confirm your attendance before May 17, 2019, at info(at)fes-kosovo.org 


With Kind Regards 


Pashko Vasa Str. 23
10000 Prishtina
Republic of Kosovo

+383 (0) 38 600 108