Thursday, 12.10.2017 - Thursday, 02.11.2017 - Prishtina

Women Employment and Job Security – Discussion Forum

Kosovo currently suffers from extremely high rates of unemployment, particularly among women.

The employment rate among working age women in Kosovo is only 11.5%, compared to 38.7% for men. The lack of economic engagement and job security for women in Kosovo exacerbates Kosovo’s problem of poverty and high unemployment; it affects women’s ability to provide adequate food and healthcare for the family; it may make her more likely to suffer domestic violence; it may also negatively affect her ability to exercise her political rights.

In order to tackle unemployment, raise awareness for the gender specific challenges and in order to support initiatives to increase women employment Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Prishtina cooperated with the Chamber of Commerce Kosovo and the Centre for Research and Documentation to host stakeholder meetings. In various information sessions as well as conferences on Women Employment and Job Security both in the private and the public sector, we tried to provide women with information on this issue and existing initiatives and gathered stakeholders, to discuss possible legislative incentives, need for reforms and strategies to support women employment. 


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