Thursday, 10.05.2018 - Friday, 11.05.2018 - Museum of Kosovo




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The Future has a Voice.Share yours!

10 – 11.05.2018, Prishtina

@Museum of Kosovo

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) invites to the first National Kosovo Youth Congress from 10 – 11 of May.

All youth-organisations are invited!
This Congress invites and welcomes all youth organizations and networks of Kosovo which are interested to discuss about the challenges of the Kosovo youth, and most importantly the overcoming of these challenges with common and creative ideas, innovation and youth energy.
The Congress will provide discussion on the following topics:

• Challenges in education
• Youth unemployment
• Youth participation in decision-making
• Social and culture life of youth

Start of a long-term cooperation
The National Congress only shall be a first step to build a common voice of Kosovo Youth. The discussions will result in first guidelines for youth recommendations and joint requests. After the Congress, Working Groups – build in the Congress - shall sum up the results from the discussion into first common standpoints and later in a strong public statement which shall be considered as a unified voice of Kosovo youth and as a basis for a future Youth-Action-Plan. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung wants to facilitate a long-term platform for the Kosovo youth at all. Therefore, we encourage all youth organizations, networks, and groups to join this initiative.
All results of the congress and – later – of the development of ideas, demands etc. will be shared with all participating organisations for information and participation in the common work.

Market of Possibilities – information, exchange, development of cooperation

This National Youth Congress additionally offers the opportunity for all organizations to share and exchange their ideas and experiences in a kind of “market of possibilities”. All participating organisations are asked to present their work.
We invite all youth organizations from all over Kosovo to send their representatives or delegates (one per each organization) to participate in the Youth Congress. Part of the acceptance of the invitation is the commitment, to send on only one page a description of the aims and work of your organisation (see enclosure).

For participants not residing in Prishtina, Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) will cover the travel expenses (bus tickets) and accommodation (if needed). The languages used in the Congress shall be Albanian, Serbian and English.
For registration, please fill in this form not later than 03.05.2018.

We need to know the number of participants for organisation.
The preparation team of many youth representatives and we as FES would be very happy to have you as an active part of the first National Youth Congress!


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10000 Prishtina
Republic of Kosovo

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