Study launch: Women`s Study in the Republic of Kosovo-Insights on society, family, values, education, employment, politics, security and healthcare"

In the panel discussion with Minister Albulena Haxhiu, President of the Women's forum of LVV, Jehona Lushaku, President of the Women's forum in LDK, Pranvera Lipovica from NDI (National Democratic Institute) and Arber Gorani from the IRI (International Republican Institute) the results of the FES Women's study were discussed focusing on the chapter Politics and Participation.

The results show a great disinterest of Kosovo women to be members of political parties, to engage with politics in general and to take political positions, while they are very much aware of the importance and value of the engagement of women in politics and public life. The panelists discussed the results, the situation in Kosovo, best practices, and proposed tools and instruments for political parties to create a more open, democratic and safe space and culture for women in order to increase the membership and the interest of women to be more active in politics.


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