Open Call for Survey Data Collection for Research Institutions, Companies, Think Tanks and NGOs

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung - Office Prishtina calls on research institutions, companies, think tanks and NGO-s, to express their interest and becoming research partners in this endeavor.


For technical reasons, the deadline for submission of bids for this open call is extended until September 30th.

The deadline for announcing the winner of the call will be October 10th.

The deadline for submission of collected data and preliminary report will be November 10th.



The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is taking the initiative to carry out a nationwide empirical study on women in Kosovo, to gain analytical insights into the women's perceptions, experience, expectations, and approaches towards changing realities. The study will determine the challenges that women are facing within their families, work environments and generally in the Kosovo society. The country report will be based on the independent state-of-the art representative survey, which will be conducted in August-September 2021. The contracting entity is the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung - Office Prishtina. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung - Office Prishtina calls on research institutions and companies to express their interest in becoming research partners in this endeavor. The deadline for the application is 25th of September 5.00PM.


The study will aim at identifying the beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, behavior, and aspirations of women in Kosovo, while becoming agents of change. The study is supposed to encourage public debate and provide an in-depth analysis of the conditions women are facing in the country and their vision for the future.

More specifically, FES is interested in the contribution of women to the democratic development of the society potential contributions and recommendations for developing women and social policies within the country, related to the topics of education, employment, family and equal opportunity, anti-discrimination, politics, security and migration.


The study will use a mix methods approach, with both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods with primary as well as secondary data. Specifically, the following data gathering techniques will be used: 

  • A national representative survey based on a questionnaire developed by FES.
  • Several interviews, with women from different social backgrounds, selected by the researchers, to obtain a qualitative insight into the subject matter of the study.
  • Several relevant focus groups, relevant for the study.
  • Use of secondary sources.

The survey questionnaire will cover the following themes:

a. Values, religion, and trust.

b. Family and social life.

c. Education and Employment.

d. Politics and Participation

e. Personality and health issues.

f. Security and Safety

g. Additional theme (optional, country specific)


The FES Office Prishtina will develop the questionnaire together with the selected research institution / authors. Data collection through this survey task shall be done using this questionnaire.

Study Format

Country report shall broadly adhere to the following structure:

  • Introduction (outlining the purpose of the study and the core research questions)
  • Short methodological section
  • Concise conceptual section incl. a brief literature overview 
  • Analysis of the core overarching themes specified above, based on the survey data, interviews, and secondary sources, and grounded in relevant contemporary literature.
  • This is the central part of the country study and should have a strong analytical dimension, interpreting (not describing) the collected data and information.
  • Conclusions containing the most relevant findings
  • Recommendations stemming directly from the findings of the study, which are tailored to specific target groups and address concrete policy issues and institutions
  • Bibliography
  • Annexes, if necessary

NOTE: The researchers/authors can also add other chapters or themes if this is likely contributing to the quality of the report.

The maximum length of the overall study excluding bibliography, annexes, and footnotes is 25,000 words.

The country study’s writing / referencing style and design must comply with FES standards and guidelines, which will be provided by the FES.

The country study will be an original contribution by its authors, created specifically for the purpose of this project. As such, it should adhere to high standards of academic research including but not limited to avoidance of any form of plagiarism and proper referencing of all materials used.


Tasks of this open call

The Companies, Organizations shall:

  • Conduct the field survey
  • Create a clean database with collected data, using questionnaires
  • Evidence data collection according to study needs and research ethic.
  • Produce statistical results and data analysis based on research questions and study quantitative methodology. 
  • Produce the tables and graphics for each survey question.

The FES Office Prishtina retains the right to reject reports and require updates as well as withhold payment on the grounds of sub-par language quality or inadequate analysis and results. 


All companies, organizations applying for this task should offer together with application letter:

  • Documented experience in quality quantitative survey research with large samples
  • Documented statistical analysis skills and experience of its team

The application should contain the following:

  • A proposal for the survey research and data collection methods, timeframe, and procedures
  • Sample and sampling procedure
  • human resources and procedures for data collection and monitoring the process.
  • Procedures for results and graphs.
  • A list of references with full contacts.
  • If applicable, background information on the institution, maximum 1 page. 
  • CV of the responsible person and researchers from the team
  • Budget proposal


Deadline for application   25th of September

Award of Contract            30th of September

Delivering survey results in form of data report with tables and graphs      25th of October




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Republic of Kosovo

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