The Political Academy 2021

What exactly are the principles and values of Social Democracy? And what might a Welfare State look like? How can those values be translated into everyday politics? And what exactly is the concept of Security? From September 17th to September 23rd FES Prishtina Office held the Political Academy 2021 with 19 participants, giving them the opportunity to tackle those questions right away.

The Academy started off with a lecture regarding the core of Social Democracy, as well as an introduction to the connections regarding Globalization and Economy. The participants analyzed different economic models, worked on the strengths and weaknesses of the economic models and actively trained their negotiation skills in the roles of the government, trade unions and private sector representatives.

The participants were able to explore the topic of Gender (In-)Equality in Kosovo and learn about how gender balance can be achieved through certain measures. Furthermore, the concept of the Welfare State was introduced, giving the participants the opportunity to actively discuss the impact COVID-19 had on Kosovo’s Welfare State design. This was followed by a lively discussion on how to achieve social welfare through Social Dialogue in Kosovo and North Macedonia, creating a basis for a comparison between both states. With the rising importance of political, socioeconomic, and cultural shifts, we have included lectures and active phases regarding socio-ecological transformation. This year’s Political Academy has therefore equipped its Alumni with a fundamental basis regarding various political fields and topics as well as an introduction regarding the concept of Security.



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