Social Welfare State

Healthcare system and dependable social policy – foundation for the future

A functioning social welfare state in which citizens can feel that the state offers them a safety net is at the core of social democratic values and the basis for a stable democracy.

While the aim of a young country such as Kosovo should be to become a state capable and willing of fulfilling its duties and obligations to its citizens, there remain significant shortcomings by Kosovo in a variety of areas related to the human security of Kosovo citizens. To this day there is still no public health insurance, no functioning pension system or unemployment insurance in Kosovo. However, trust in the state and its democracy needs social security and if it is lacking, societies grow apart, become unstable and unequal and the democratic participation of ll citizens is at risk as they have no time and capacity to engage in society. Therefore we work with civil society experts to draw attention to these issues and to come up with possible policy solutions. 

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Social Security – Economic Development – Decent Work and Life


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